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The GRID Episode 97 “Power George Thug Life”

April 5, 2017

The GRID Episode 97: “Power George Thug Life”

Welcome to the Shit Show!

Episode 97: “Power George Thug Life” is here where we discuss such vital topics such as the Power Rangers Movie performance at the Box Office and the Franchise's Future, New Funko Pops, New Ninja Steel Casting, BOOM Comics Justice League Cross-Over Final Issue's Synopsis, Legacy Wars Releases, Where is Our MMPR Movie Blu-Ray, and Ford's New MMPR Commercials! PLUS PSC Toys to release new Mini-Busts, EFX Collectibles to release Memorabilia AND the LEGO Command Center Campaign is almost won!

PLUS we attempt to review BOOM Comic's Power Rangers / Justice League #3, Power Rangers AFTERSHOCK AND Kyuranger Episodes 07 & 08!

Our Secret Word This Episode is: POWER
Don't Forget we always answer your questions!