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The GRID Episode 55: “Holiday Monitors”

December 24, 2014

The GRID Episode 55: “Holiday Monitors”

It's our Christmas Episode and Last Episode of 2014!
We discuss such vital topics as the new Dino Charge Surnames, Bios & Weapon Names! Plus ASJ has a new announcement coming in 30 Days! Mark Litton, Fresno Santa, the Male Purple Ranger, WHY was David de latour on set? Plus we get into the new Ninninger scans and discuss the future of ToQger! PLUS We go over our favorite moments from 2014!

We also review our remaining ToQger Episodes, 38-39-40! We chat about the Best and Worst of Teamups and review aquestionable Christmas Episode of Dino Thunder!

With Special Guest Host, Morphin' Legacy's Super Sentai Reviewer, Pan2dapan, Amber!

The GRID is back bi-weekly!