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The GRID: 2 Year Anniversary! Episode 60 “Shit Show Since 2013″

March 4, 2015

The GRID Episode 60: 2 Year Anniversary! "Shit Show Since 2013

It's our 2 Year Anniversary Extravaganza! We've got special skits hidden within the episode! All along the theme of the Mighty Morphin' Movie!

"A terrible singer known as BelleK is threatening the GRID hosts by unleashing the Evil Daizy Clain & old villains from Power Ranger History! The GRID hosts must acquire new powers sort of like those other  Rangers in that movie....Can the hosts escape the Evil Daizy clan with their new Powers?!"

We welcome back some of your favorite former co-hosts for the event! We discuss such vital topics as Dino Charge's Episode 8 Summary, the new Zyuranger addition to Lexicon and our Ranger of Month for March! Together with our returning hosts we review Dino Charge Episode 4, Ninninger Episode 1 and the Premiere Episode of Ninja Storm!

Plus we bring back some old favorite segments from the past; Trivia, Tumblr Cancer, Shelby's 5 Fun Facts about Blank AND we answer your questions!

The GRID is back bi-monthly!