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The GRID Episode 91 “Hipster Poisandra”

January 11, 2017

The GRID Episode 91: “Hipster Poisandra”

Welcome to the Shit Show! It's Our First Episode of 2017!

Episode 91: “Hipster Poisandra” is here where we discuss such vital topics such as MASSIVE Power Rangers Movie toy news such as Metallic Action Figure 6 Pack Set, Plushies, 5in1 Megazord, Deluxe Ranger Armor, Female Power Swords, Funko Pops, Auto-Morphin Figures, Putty Patrollers & Our Opinions on the VR Focus preview of the Command Center & Zords! PLUS we discuss the Ninja Steel promo & preview clip, the Rangers' last names, helmetless image and the Cockpit Mode! AND more Kyuuranger Character Details! Then there's Meower Rangers.....

PLUS we attempt to review BOOM Comics MMPR Issue #10, AND we review Zyuohger Episodes 43 & 44!

Our Secret Word This Episode is: NINJA
Don't Forget we always answer your questions!

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