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The GRID Episode 67: “Ninnincompoops”

July 7, 2015
The GRID Episode 67: “Ninnincompoops”

We're Here! Welcome to the Shit Show! In this Episode, First we say goodbye to our co-host Victor as he heads out on his journey... or something.

Episode 67 of The GRID is here where we discuss such vital topics as Elie Dekel Stepping Down as President of Saban Brands, SO MANY NEW TOY REVEALS; Legacy Blade Blaster, Dino Drive Figures, Spinosaurus, Translucent Dinos! BOOM! Comics gains the rights to Ranger Comics, Yoshi and his brother get personal, Judd Lynn's upcoming chat, Could Chase be in a Boy Band? PLUS we get excited about the Dekaranger 10 Years After Movie!
Plus we attempt to discuss the 17th & 18th Episodes of Ninninger (in Nugget Form), the Fifth Episode & Sixth Episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger! PLUS Ray's Ranger Episode Picks are back with SPD's “Katastrophe”

Don't Forget we always answer your questions! We got a lot this episode!

The GRID is back bi-monthly!